Safety and Environmental

The Group Environment Department is responsible for:

  • Providing guidance and assistance to Group management and individual business units regarding environmental matters: strategy, policy, R&D, objectives and targets, etc.
  • Monitoring the evolution of scientific and technical knowledge and of legal constraints.
  • Ensuring effective implementation of this policy in Group companies in respect of the requirements regarding environment: production sites and products, including sanitary aspects of products introduced to the market.
  • Providing guidance and assistance to Group companies on request.
  • Coordinating the activities of Environmental Correspondents in each Group company.
  • Coordinating the reporting system regarding environmental performance of Group companies: analysis of answers, proposals of improvement, etc.
  • Stimulating inter-company exchange of experience: best practices, peer environmental audits between companies located in a same country or region, etc.
  • Enhancing environmental communication with internal and external stakeholders.


How can we look out for each other and keep each other safe?

We know from experience that certain behaviours help us work more safely. For Aliaxis, we have now defined 3 safety behaviours that are essential to keep us safe and will serve as a guiding principle in everything we do:

  • Think: Think about every task with safety in mind. When we carry out a job, the first question we ask is: "How can we do this safely?" We do not hurry when safety is at stake. 
  • Talk: Talk about unsafe and safe situations. Every activity needs to be 100% safe, not 99.9%. There should be no exceptions. No "just this time". So let's talk to each other about how to make everything as safe as possible.  
  • Act: Act and intervene in unsafe situations. If something unsafe is happening, you must stop it. This is fundamental. Whenever you experience a hazard or a near-miss, you take the time to report it. You could prevent a serious injury.

You can find out more from our Health and Safety Charter here