What we offer you

Aliaxis UK  provides added value products which have been developed by technical experts specifically for the UK construction market. We have well known brands which customers and installers recognise as the best in their field. We are passionate about creating market leading products in an environment that is healthy, safe and reliable for everyone. Our focus on innovation and delivering the best value and service for our customers means that we put customer needs at the core of product development. We have the benefit of being part of an international organisation with considerable infrastructure and technical assets to call upon but we retain the transparency, agility and rapid decision making ability of a smaller business. Our leadership charter ensures that we manage our business in an efficient and professional way. 

This is what our team members think about working at Aliaxis: 

“No matter how busy we've been, I've always had the support there to help me through the day. If you're stuck on something, someone will automatically come over and give you a hand.”

“It's a lovely company to work for, everyone is there for one another and there's a great atmosphere. I really enjoy working with the people here and the job itself.”

“I'd say a good thing about working here is that it's varied, everyday is different - it's not boring at all.”