Robust health & safety on a manufacturing site is the key to everyone’s continued wellbeing and as such is the responsibility of everyone to look out for themselves and for each other. 

The key role of SHEQ is to provide specialist safety knowledge to the individual sites and also the wider group with the main aim to ensure:

  • a safety working environment for all,
  • the deployment of legal and statutory duties and
  • to drive a strong safety culture of continuous improvement.

The team has a big part to play in terms of setting business strategies and requires a close liaison with all departments and all levels of staff within the business. The main activities of the role can be shown through a set of defined responsibilities:

  • to ensure the sites and associated tasks are fully risk assessed,  
  • monitor and report on compliance with safety law and statutory inspections,
  • to verify acceptability of site safety documentation,
  • ensuring any identified corrective measures are completed and effective,
  • providing safety information to new starters and visitors,
  • assist with investigations following incidents to identify the root causes
  • analysis of safety performance data and industry trends,
  • liaise with external bodies such as auditors and enforcing authorities
  • co-ordinate safety training
  • facilitate safety committees, providing key information and setting agendas
  • provide Site Director with knowledge based recommendations for safety improvements
  • ensure active participation on all site related change management projects

The health and safety team provide an essential role within the group and invaluable support for the leadership teams helping to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all those who enter our sites or come into contact with our products. The role has a high level of authority and variation with a key emphasis on the knowledge and skill of those within the team, this creates a challenging but extremely satisfying job.

Our People

Rob Matthews, Head of Health and Safety

I was given both internal and external training to make sure I was competent to help the business move forward.