The Sales team are responsible for UK and Export distribution partner customers, our relationship with those customers and our joint development of business with them. Our external sales people also work very closely with our customers customer, the installers of our products. This involves giving advice and product recommendations for projects and helping those installers (such as Plumbers, M & E contractors, Ground-workers and Builders) to select what they need to complete their projects in a cost effective way.

We have both National and Regional structures which enable us to be very close to our customers all across the UK.

Internally we support our external teams and customers with dedicated business development support, including a quotations service, projects tracking, specialist and customised reporting and sales tool provision, and very importantly, a team based at Lenham who understand what customers need. Speed is very important when dealing with dynamic site requirements.

In Export sales we develop business with partners in many territories across the world, in countries such as New Zealand, Sri Lanka, EU states, Nigeria and Kenya. The distance between us and our customers means we have to have great communication and give outstanding first time customer service. Manufacturing in the UK is a benefit we can sell across the globe as UK standards are respected and valued.


The Marketing team work closely with their sales colleagues and with all of the different customer types, to provide information on products and services in an easily accessible format.   From literature, websites and point of sale to PR, communications and exhibitions, the role of a marketer is a varied one.

Building the brand image and reputation in the marketplace is our responsibility but adding a creative flair and bringing a project to life makes it an enjoyable role.

Our People

Steve Dunkley, Sales Director 

I’ve changed roles many times, I’ve been with the business 32 years, and I’ve had 11 roles; never stopped learning, never stopped being encouraged to develop by the company.

Helen Parker, Regional Sales Manager

I think it’s a good company to come and work for. We invest in people, we are a good people investor. We will put time, money and effort into training people.

Louise Stewart-Young, Marketing and Communications Manager  

The role here is very varied I look after everything from websites, social media to attending shows, looking after literature, dealing with a sales team. Basically you name it we have to sort of do it.

Chloe Jones, Marketing Assistant

It’s definitely the best step I’ve made in my career path, I haven’t been working for long but it’s definitely been the best decision I’ve made so far just because I’ve learned a lot about myself and businesses in general.