Manufacturing is where our product comes to life.  Using Injection Moulding and Extrusion technology, raw material is converted into quality Kitemarked product to customer specifications and expectations.

Whether you are a Manager, Team Leader, Setter or Working Team Member in Manufacturing, there is always something new to learn so no two days are ever the same - every day brings a new challenge.

At Lenham, our Manufacturing plant has developed over the past 60 years and through innovation is continuing to grow.

Market requirements and the growing need to add value to our product makes the factory a demanding but rewarding area to work in. In an ever changing world it is crucial that we become more agile and efficient in order to keep one step ahead of our competitors.

At Aliaxis we believe that people come to work to make a difference so it is important that we look after them and empower them to be able to make decisions to support our Continuous Improvement strategy.

Through team activities we have created an environment where people are encouraged to speak openly and honestly and we have given them the problem solving skills to help improve our workplace.  This has resulted in a vibrant, buoyant atmosphere in the factory.

Through continuous development of our people in Manufacturing we have created a successful team, not only for today, but for the future.

Our People

Elliot Edge, Valve Engineer

During my short time at Durapipe so far I've already received training in CSCS, forklift training and am being encouraged to do further training to broaden my expertise.

Stephen Knight, Maintenance Manager

In the length of time I’ve been here I’ve never really wanted to go anywhere else, it’s always satisfied what I want out of a career, it’s always kept me interested.