Technical Support 

Name: Matt Heminsley Brand: Durapipe
Role: Technical Support   Location: Cannock 

It’s a very friendly environment to work in, there’s been a few generations of people that have worked here, giving it that friendly family environment.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

What initially drew me to Durapipe was the opportunity to work for a globally recognised manufacturing company, but local to where I live. There’s not that many engineering jobs around, so the opportunity was one not to be missed really.

Describe your typical day

The first department I worked in was in quality control, I was doing typical everyday quality control stuff, measuring, sizing testing. I moved on to work in research and development which basically built on my knowledge and expertise and that kind of thing, and then the opportunity to work in tech support which was more of a challenge than the previous roles so I saw it as an opportunity to move up the company basically.

My current responsibilities are obviously first and foremost answering the telephone to any queries we get, also internet queries that come in are forwarded to us so answering emails as well, not just nationally but globally as well sometimes. I also do estimate take-offs so again that’s with the technical drawings and reading the technical drawings to work out lengths of pipe and numbers of fittings for a specific job, maybe it’s a hospital, or a research laboratory, that’s the service we do for free. I also go out on site to demonstrate the installation techniques of our systems as well as help with any queries or issues they may have around the country. As part of my role I have to liaise with other departments within Durapipe, area sales managers, brand managers etc, obviously customer services as well as other companies nationally and internationally within the Aliaxis group. 

What's it like working at Aliaxis?

It’s a very friendly environment to work, there’s been a few generations of people that have worked here, giving it that friendly family environment. The management is very supportive both professionally and personally, which is always good, not always found everywhere else and the job is a challenge but still fun at the same time.